Basic facts

  • Glimworks bridges the divide between the worlds of tech, social science and the humanities.
  • Started in 2010 with Research and Development (R&D).
  • Is physically located at Ideon Science Park, in the university town Lund, Sweden.
  • Is a software ecosystem owner / builder / partner, with an in-house R&D staff of 12.
  • Preferred way to partner is for both to business develop and Glimworks to implement and maintain software solutions in the cloud where partner stands for sales, admin, marketing, 1st line of support and staffing of the solution if needed.
  • Single largest revenue stream is from providing an in the cloud big data driven IT-service making it possible for several companies to work together within the Swedish telecom industry.
  • Committed to supporting personal and professional growth and development of coworkers. A work culture with high degree of autonomy.

That should do for introductions.