Basic facts

  • Glimworks bridges the divide between the worlds of tech, social science and the humanities.
  • Started in 2010 with Research and Development (R&D).
  • Is physically located at Ideon Science Park, in the university town Lund, Sweden -- and from the start of 2019 in Kyiv / Kiev, Ukraine.
  • We focus on Internet & Web based solutions, research, development and support.
  • Our partner company is specialized in sales and has detailed knowledge of the telecom industry, within which we do business development together.
  • We have a growing core of tech and ideas; these can be put to use in different industries through projects built "on top of" them.
  • Have invented and created our own infrastructure for development and much of our work focuses on further improving this basis of our operations.
  • Single largest revenue stream is from providing comprehensive IT solutions for staff and "big data" within the Swedish telecom industry.
  • Other revenue streams are from customers developing their widely different IT solutions on Glimworks infrastructure.
  • Both for-profit and non-profit ventures, sometimes mutually supportive.
  • Progressive work culture, free working hours and high coworker autonomy with freedom under responsibility.
  • Committed to supporting personal and professional growth and development of coworkers.
  • 12 coworkers at Glimworks with the goal to roughly double during 2019.
    • Two thirds are tech developers and engineers
    • One third including designers, social/behavioral, and philosophers.
    • Sales and first/second line support are staffed mostly with coworkers at partner companies.

That should do for introductions.