Working with us

For coworkers, customers and partners

A Meeting Place for Cocreators

Who will take part in defining and creating solutions with us -- with which not-yet-imagined skill sets?

Any work that can have a meaningful and lasting impact upon the world must address something that the world needs -- whether people can articulate this need or not. If it is something that a company can and should do, then it must also be something that customers are willing to pay for, in one way or another, or the work cannot be sustained over time.

Glimworks is a place for making this happen. The role of Glimworks as a meeting place doesn't stop at the door, at the team of coworkers under the same roof. Our listening, cooperation and partnership extends to other companies, organizations, public institutions and communities of different kinds. To all of these we aim to be an advanced form of support structure. Glimworks seeks to be a central, creative node in this kind of supportive network of driven agents with various purposes.

Glimworks focuses on the following tasks:

  • Business development
  • Research, development and maintenance of information systems (IT) and how they are used in an organisation and its external interfaces
  • Setting up collaboration between partners (for instance, startups and university)
  • Coordination of when to do things yourself, when to ask partners or recruit new kind of coworker or partner

Partners who can provide the following skills and attributes are of particular value to us:

  • Business development willingness
  • Specific market and industry knowledge and contacts
  • Sales and marketing and its organisational skills
  • Specific technology, innovations and research

In these ways we serve best:

  • Glimworks is a long term partner, we prefer not to rush short-term projects.
  • Glimworks is a partner for projects with many unknowns (room for innovation) for a rapidly changing world. We avoid working with projects that go "here is the no change required specification for a 2 year project".

In these ways you can serve us best for us to achieve our Hero's Journey:

  • Unusual skill set combinations are most exciting as it enables us to create coherence across many different perspectives.
  • New industries are most exciting for us as they give us hands-on experience with different kinds of technology and ways of thinking.

The Qualities of Glimworks Worklife

As co-workers at Glimworks, we strive for these qualities in each of our lives:

  • Autonomy
  • Competence
  • Community
  • Fit/match

Autonomy means that each one of us can and should be empowered to think for oneself and to make important decisions concerning one's own work and life situation. As a coworker you are supported, step by step, in thinking "as the CEO of the company": What is the best for myself, for my team, for the company, and for society at large? How can I improve my skills, get more energy and satisfaction and develop my perspectives? An important part of this is that we have free and self-defined working hours. As long as you can produce results that your co-workers value, you are free to set up your workday as it fits you and your family. Autonomy is an important aspect of Self-Determination Theory of motivation: it is much easier to feel motivated when you make your own decisions and carve your own path.

Competence means that you get to feel (and be) competent and that your strengths and unique contributions are recognized by yourself and others. Competence, of course, requires personal responsibility for one's own learning. We have an internal framework for supporting each coworker to finding out one's strengths and weaknesses -- which in turn supports your long-term learning and your choices of work tasks. An important aspect of this is mutual recognition of different competencies. Glimworks gathers people from very different fields and of various personalities -- developers, information architects, user experience designers, social scientists, even philosophers. It can sometimes take time and effort for people to understand and appreciate one another across these boundaries. At Glimworks we put in this extra effort in order to understand, help and appreciate one another.

Community means that you feel part of an emotionally nourishing social context. We value the human connection between us. Most of all, community grows from a shared sense of meaning and purpose, from compelling shared narratives. In such contexts it becomes easier to put differences aside and to cooperate with mutual respect for the unique learning journey of each of us.

Fit/match is the classical issue of being "the right person in the right place". Even if you have autonomy, competence and community you still need to simply match the tasks at hand -- and the workplace has to match you as a person. This works on several levels. First of all, we recruit with care to increase the likelihood that each coworker will resonate with the activities and purposes of Glimworks. Secondly, we work hard to understand the strengths, weaknesses and motivations of each person so that we can all function with sustained motivation. Thirdly, we create venues for being mobile within the workplace so that you can vary your tasks according to changing interests and your own development.