Coworkers and Partnerships

For all job applicants, customers and partners

Finding Out in Steps

For you, it would be great if you could magically know if your CV/skills/ideas/needs of services match with Glimworks -- or simply if the timing is right -- before you invest time in learning more about us.

Let us make the issue of time investment visible between us. We invite you to take the low investment approach and simply ask us about those first step fitness questions.

Use for this! This is a step-by-step thing -- please be brief and direct and respect our time and we do the same for you. We'll find out if there are potentials for any kind of collaboration in steps.

We will get back to you and let you know our level of interest and perhaps ask a few clarifying questions. If you're looking for a job, you may also simply want to go directly to recruitment page below and send us an email answering all or some of the nine questions we present you here.

Once we have interacted a bit and you and we have got more confirmation that you match us, we kindly ask you to read Glimworks Hero's Journey for you to understand more deeply if Glimworks is right for you. If there is any material you would like us to look at as well, we are open for suggestions.

Recruitment and Partnership as a Back-and-Forth

Conventional partnerships and recruitments work by one side stating their needs or what they offer, and the other side applying by offering goods, services and tasks they think will fulfill this. We work somewhat differently: we start a back-and-forth communication and grow our partnerships and coworker relations from there. This is an ongoing process of developing shared perspectives and finding aligning interests -- sometimes even discovering new ones. This is what we call the "back-and-forth" of recruitment and partnership.

As you can see, we have two related approaches for building new partnerships with clients, coworkers and other companies: the step-by-step process and the back-and-forth process. This basic method allows both sides to save time as well as finding stronger and higher quality forms of collaboration.

Whether you're looking for work, sending your CV to just know if there any possibility of a job, wanting a partner for your company or product, we'll get to know each other and explore our common interests. This start the process to align our interests and activities now and as time passes.

The Nine Questions

This is how we think.

The best and most stable partnerships grow from when your motivations, drives and skills align with and match those of others. It doesn't have to be that they are the same or even similar, but they need to match and reinforce one another in creative ways.

That is how you can achieve what is called "Ikigai" -- when what you are good at aligns with what you love doing and that in turn aligns with what you are paid for as well as with what the world needs. That's the sweet spot.

Your Ikigai is more than your profession; it is your calling. At Glimworks we cannot promise you that your Ikigai emerges and is met, but we are committed to do our part as colleagues in a broad sense to help you achieving it -- because we believe that's how we get the very best partnerships and coworkers within the company and beyond.

This does, however, require work -- on your behalf and on ours. It needs to be cultivated with care. For this reason we would like to know what drives you and what you are really prepared to work for.

To know Glimworks Ikigai and our answers to the questions please read Glimworks' Hero's Journey.

Let's start now. When applying, please answer these questions if they make sense to you right now and as briefly and directly as you can.

  1. What are your key skills, talents and competencies? (Ikigai: good at)
  2. What would you be prepared to struggle and work for in terms of what you want for yourself when it comes to satisfaction and enjoyment? (Ikigai: love doing)
  3. What would you be prepared to struggle and work hard for in terms of improving the world?`What do you believe in? (Ikigai: your perspective on what the world needs)
  4. Do you have any specific requirements in terms of payment, job / partner security, work environment and equipment for you to feel safe and be productive? (Ikigai: paid for, etc.)

Now for some additional getting-to-know questions.

  1. Please list four personal values, things you find very important in life.
  2. Please mention one or several causes that you care about.
  3. Please mention one or several projects that your have previously undertaken, or are currently undertaking -- professional or not, successful or not, alone or together with others. You don't need to explain them, just name them briefly.
  4. Please mention areas of interest and inspiration (not necessarily expertise).
  5. Have you ever had ideas or made innovations of some kind, small or large? If no, that's alright. If yes, please name them, no need to explain (we'll get time for that later).

That's it.

Looking forward to resonating and creating with you.